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Body Shop Treats

Over the past few months I have suffered with dry skin on my face and nothing in my skincare routine seemed to be resolving the issue. To try and help get my skin back on track I thought I could do with switching up my skincare routine to try and help add the much needed moisture back into my skin. The Body Shop is one of those brands I tend to forget about however from time to time I like to search their website for skincare and beauty products to add to my collection. After reading a lot of reviews about their various products I decided to purchase two products from the Body Shop's Vitamin E range, whilst also stocking up on an old beauty favourite.

Products That Actually Do What They Say On The Tin

A week has passed since my last post, check it out here, and it's now August which I can't quite believe. I'm now two weeks into my work placement and still loving it (however, I'm still getting used to the 7.30am starts on a Monday). Over the years I have bought a lot of beauty products, some of which where certainly not worth the hype, however there were always a select few that did do what they said on the tin- or bottle. I find there is nothing worse than investing your hard earned cash into a product that doesn't really stand up to what it promises. So today I wanted to put together a post featuring a few of my favourite products that I've found actually do what they claim and share them with you.