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Life Update & New In Beauty

I'm back and I certainly wont be making any excuses as to why i've been MIA since April, however I can only say I just lost my blogging mojo and didn't know what to post. But whatever, lets not dwell on that, so essentially I'm back and ready to share with you what I've been loving and all things new. The world of beauty is very complex, with many brands releasing new products on what seems like a weekly basis it often becomes difficult to know what to buy. When it comes to trying out new products I tend to base my decisions on other bloggers opinions to hopefully prevent me wasting my money on products that don't do what they say on the tin. Over the past couple of months I've been collecting an array of beauty products that I have never tried before in order to give you guys my own, honest opinion of each product. All of these products can be found in your local Boots or Superdrug so they don't drastically brake the bank. If you'd like to find out more about what I thought of each of the products then carry on scrolling.

Garnier Moisturiser Review

Taking care of my skin is something I've been experimenting with over the last few years. In that time I have tried alot of products, especially moisturisers, to try and boost my dry, dehydrated skin. In today's post I wanted to talk about a little gem that I found from Garnier which has made it's way firmly into my skincare regime.