Eyeliner 101

Eyeliners are one of those beauty products that I tend to experiment with a lot. I have tried a wide range of eyeliners from liquid to khol, pencil to gel which has pretty much resulted in me looking through every high street brand to hunt for the best of the best. I thought it would be nice to create a post about my favourite eyeliners from the ones that I've tried. So if you're looking for a product to create that perfect winged liner then keep on reading... 

When it first came to buying eyeliners I struggled to figure out which one I preferred to use. There is so much choice out there but I thought starting with a felt tip liner would be the best place to start! I tried various cheaper brands in this style however this L'Oreal Super Liner has to win the competition of being the most cost effective felt tip liner that creates the perfect wing. It is so easy to use and is fantastic for those just starting out with makeup. It lasts long on the lid and doesn't crease of flake like other felt tip liners I've tried. As you can see from this picture mine is well loved and is probably in need of a re-purchase sometime soon but I definitely recommend this is you haven't tried it already. Next up we have the Topshop Gel Pot Liner- the only gel eyeliner in my collection. I can't really compare this to other gel eyeliners through personal experience however as a high street brand this eyeliner lasts well and is a lovely true black colour. I use my Eco Tools Angled Liner brush to apply this to the upper lash line when I want a bolder look in regards to eyeliner. I find this liner can sometimes smudge so I need to make sure I prime my lids in order to stop the product smudging throughout the day however once in place it lasts all day which gets a huge thumbs up from me! Next on the list I have another felt tip liner Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, however this one has a thicker nib so I tend to use this when I want to create a dramatic cat eye. I received this with a magazine not long ago and was surprised to find out it was a full size product too. It wears well on the lid and is easy to apply just like the L'Oreal Super Liner however as the nib is a lot thicker I tend to not use this product as much, however if you like the dramatic cat eye then this will be perfect for you. Next up we have the most recent edition to my eyeliner collection Rimmel Glam Eyes and it is swiftly becoming my favourite eyeliner to create the perfect everyday flick. The brush is soooooo teeny and at first I struggled to get the line right but with practice and sheer grit and determination I was able to finally crack it and by god it's good. I found I needed to really shake the product before I could use it as I found it a little watery at first however I'm definitely in love now. Last up is probably my favourite of all of the eyeliners I've tried and is actually the cheapest. The 2True Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is just perfect. The applicator is a solid brush (if that even make sense) so is a hybrid of a brush and felt liner. It allows you to apply eyeliner with ease and the point helps to achieve precision with the flick. The waterproof element stops the liner from smudging and really helps the product last all day. I have repurchased this product multiple times and will continue to do this as it's just so affordable and easy to use. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some products you haven't tried before and might even try! :) 

What are your favourite eyeliners? Make sure you let me know in the comments!! 


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