January Favourites

This month has been a very busy one and a great start to the year. I have been very busy with blogging and to my surprise I've been able to keep my posts regular with over 20 posts this month! I hope you have enjoyed January here on my blog and look forward to the months to come! I wanted to finish off the month nicely with a January favourites which will be a round up of my favourite beauty and fashion items as well as my favourite bloggers of the month and music I've enjoyed listening too!!

NARS Laguna Bronzer has to make it into my january favourites because it's so perfect! I found it was the perfect shade for contouring throughout the winter months without looking too orange or muddy. It was definitely a splurge for me to buy this product but oh my god it was worth it and I'd definitely recommend it if you haven't already. 

Janaury has also marked the re-found love of my Naked palettes. I was lucky to receive the Naked 2 palette for christmas which you can see here to complete the collection and this definitely led me to experimenting more with my eyeshadow. I've found that I've used alot more shades that I perhaps at first over looked and I'm sure these will all remain as favourites for a few months yet. 

Another splurge product over the Christmas period had to be the Bobbi Brown Corrector. I have already written a blog post about this product which you can find here if you fancy a read. However this corrector is simply the hero to cover my dark circles and I recommend it to anyone, like me, who hates looking like a panda 24/7. 

I haven't been over experimental with my fashion choices this month because I've often gone for comfort/warmth over style. However my key fashion piece this month that I've been loving has to be the slogan tee. This one is from Missguided and is a long length tee so is great to wear with leggings.

My two favourite songs of the month has to be Years and Years- Desire and Clean Bandit- Real Love. I'm not particularly sure why I like this songs so much however I've had them on repeat pretty much everyday at college for the last month and I'm not sick of them yet. 

Something that I love about the blogging community is that you can communicate with so many over beauty and fashion lovers out there. I have really been loving reading Sophs Choices, Soefay and Petite December. These blogs have really stood out to me this month and I've read and enjoyed every post from these lovely ladies. I thought it would be nice to include all these lovely ladies in my post to show them my appreciation and maybe give you guys reading this an idea on new bloggers to read- if you don't already of course. 

There we have it, the first month of 2015 over and done with- how quickly did that go hey? 
Well here is to February, a month that I have a lot planned to do and no doubt it will go just as quick as this past month has too. 

Thankyou for reading and for your continued support throughout January! 



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  1. I'm so honoured to be featured in this post :D I'm glad you enjoyed mine ;)
    Soefay x