Keeping Organised


Staying organised is something that I've been keen on doing from a young age. I have always written down notes and scheduled things in my diary to make sure that I get things done on time. This is something that I feel is important to make sure my blog is successful too. I am very busy with work and college aswell as blogging so in order to keep my posts as regular as possible I often plan ahead in order to keep things flowing. In this post I am going to tell you my top five tips on keeping organised with blogging.

1. Take Notes- I try to keep a note or memo on my phone full of ideas of posts I want to talk about on my blog. I often sit there on the bus on the way to college and work and jot down a few ideas and the things I need to create each post etc. 

2. Create a Schedule- This is a great way to keep your posts regular! I try and post every two to three days if I can. This not only keeps things consistent on your blog it also allows you to have more choice on what to post and you find you then don't run out of ideas by the end of the month. 

3. Take it one step at a time- When writing posts I tend to take it bit by bit. Maybe write one paragraph then revisit it and finish the rest. This helps me to slowly but surely write content that is worth posting. 

4. Bulk photography- I don't own any fancy lighting or anything so I solely rely on the good ole' natural lighting. However as I am usually out during the majority of the week I spend my day off taking photos in bulk for future posts. This is a lot easier to do for beauty posts as I usually rope my boyfriend into taking my outfit photos but in regards to having a stock of photos ready to do a post about it is a great tip!

5. Schedule tweets- This something relatively new to me however since using this technique I have found that I have been able to reach out to a lot more people. I don't always have the time to sit there tweeting about my newest post all the time so scheduling tweets through platforms such a Tweetdeck or Hootsuite is a great way to advertise your blog. 

I hope you enjoyed my tips on staying organised! 

Let me know what you think in the comments! 



  1. I just started blogging so these tips will be a big help for me, especially balancing work / college on top of it. I love your diary by the way :) x

    1. Awh I'm glad this helped! :) scheduling is the best thing to do if youre stuggling to balance college and blogging :) Thankyou I think I got it from the Card Factory? :)