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Over the years I have collected quite a few beauty products from various high street brands and sometimes I think to myself 'when did I last use this?'. Whilst delving through my drawers I found a few products that I haven't used for a while and I thought they would be worth mentioning to my readers.

If you're looking for a bright orange moisturising lipstick to add to your collection then you should definitely go for the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in In Love With Ginger. I added this to my collection at the end of summer last year which is probably why it still looks pretty new however the colour pay off and wearablity on the lips is superb and is definitely one to take a look at.

Sticking with the Rimmel theme we have their Blush in Santa Rose. This blush is the perfect shade if you want a flush of colour to the cheeks but still want to wear a strong contour. I used to use this on a daily basis until I stopped wearing as much blusher but I will definitely be popping this back into my make up bag after rediscovering it.

Blusher is something I love to wear throughout the Spring/Summer so I'm glad I've found my Sleek Blush in Pomegrante just in time for the brighter weather. This blush looks incredibly scary in the pan however on the cheeks is the perfect warmth of colour. You barely have to apply anything as the colour pay off is fantastic for a high street blush. I apply this to the apples of my cheeks and with a simple coat of mascara I'm good to go for the day.
Next on the list we have the infamous Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold. Now I used this product on a daily basis throughout the summer however I haven't really reached for it much throughout the winter months. This product is perfect to create a base for any power shadow to blend on top or you can even just wear it on its own. The creamy consistency blends well into the eye and this pot has lasted me forever so it's definitely an investment.
Seventeen is a brand that I haven't really tried many products from however their Phwoarr paint concealer is great for covering stubborn blemishes and dark eyes. Even though it doesn't quite beat my Bobbi Brown corrector this concealor does do the job at covering dark circles for the majority of the day so is a great alternative.
Last but not least is the frequently raved about Topshop Glow Highlighter. I haven't got much use out of this product purely because when  I bought it I wasn't really sure how to apply the product correctly. However after watching a few youtube tutorials here and there I've recently been experimenting with it and I'm really enjoying using the highlighter. As the weather is getting warmer I think this product will be great for creating a soft dewy make up look to keep the skin looking fresh and vibrant.
I hope you enjoyed this post and looking at what products I'm going to start to use a lot more.
Let me know what products you have maybe forgotten about in your collections below! :)

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