First Impressions| Benefit Rollerlash

The other day I treated myself to the much anticipated March Elle Magazine which included a free sample of the new Benefit Mascara Roller Lash. After not really loving the They're Real I was very interested to try it out this new product in order to see if it could change my mind.

Benefit claim that the Roller Lash is a super-curling and lifting mascara and I have to agree. This mascara adds a lovely curl to my lashes without them being too clumpy or spidery. I find that the brush is the perfect size to really work the product into the root of the lashes giving them a great curl. Benefit also claims that curl should hold for 12 hour. In my opinion, I wouldn't say the curl holds for the full 12 hours however it does last a lot longer than other curling mascaras that I've tried. I have very straight eyelashes and still need to curl them in order to get lashes that really open up my eyes however I do find that this mascara works well to keep that curl in place for the majority of the day. All in all I look forward to keep using this mascara and potentially if I fancy treating myself I may purchase the full size product. I definitely prefer this Benefit mascara over the They're Real mascara as it's a lot lighter and achieves a much more natural look so if you prefer the more natural look then I definitely recommend you give it a go.

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts? 



  1. definitely tempted to go and pick up elle now! xo

    1. you definitely should it's worth the £4 :)

      Thankyou for commenting! :) xx