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I love reading about fashion and I have began to accumulate a collection of books that I really think are worth reading. I am off to study for a degree in Fashion Management in September so I feel that these books will really help me get ready for studying again. I hope it may also help some of you out there that may be going to university or college to study fashion. I bought some of these books from amazon where they only cost around £3 each which is a steal for a book.

First up we have a book by Christian Dior called The Little Dictionary of Fashion. This is a great resource book for anyone that needs to know all sort of terms to do with fashion and clothing. It contains a full list of terms all the way through the alphabet which is perfect for anyone that needs to reference definitions or just generally learn about what things mean.

This book is part of a series of books that travels through the eras and describes how fashion has changed. I bought these particular books through Amazon and I have found them very useful when I needed to refer to fashion through the eras as they have very clear descriptions and large pictures for inspiration.

I currrently own quite a few of these books which provide biographies of various designers and their influences on the fashion scene. These are great for anyone who wants to really learn about a designers life and how this has impacted on their own fashion label and really how their fashion label originated. I bought this again from Amazon along with a few other of my favourite designers.

Last but not least we have probably my favourite of the books in this post. 100 Years of Fashion takes the reader on a journey through time and looks indepth at the eras and the trends that where popular in the periods. This book also goes into the different genres of fashion that were popular and who was key in starting the trend. This book is full of beautiful images and quotes about fashion which I love and find inspiration from.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post as it is a little different from my other posts!
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  1. I've been trying to start buying books that I can keep and love for years. These look beautiful and I definitely think I'm going to buy the 100 Years of Fashion one! Such a pretty book and it sounds really good!

    Laura Cinnamon xxx