How I Edit My Blog Photos

Photographing products for blog posts is probably my favourite thing to do. However before posting straight to my blog I edit my photos slighty to help enhance the final shot. I thought it would be useful to show you guys how I edit my photos without the use of any fancy software.

The website that I use to edit my photos on is Pic Monkey. It is a simple to use free editing website where you can edit single photos, create collages and also facebook covers which are perfect for blog headers. 

The first step is to click on edit. This will then instruct you to upload the photo you want to edit. 

Here I am choosing the photo I want to edit from my documents.

 The first step I tend to do is lighten the photo to help balance the image and reduce the shadows. I keep things quite natural and minimal and only change a few things to help brighten the image.

 Next up I use probably my most favourite filter called Dusk. The thing I love about pic monkey is you can adjust how much of the filter you want on your picture. I usually keep it around 50% to avoid the photo looking too edited. This filter adds warmth to the photo and really complements the neutral shades in the palette. 

The last step is to just save the picture to your computer and then you're ready to upload it to your blog post. 


Pic Monkey is so easy to use and there are lots of different filters and styles you can create from just one simple website. 

Have you ever used Pic Monkey before? 



  1. I also use Picmonkey to edit my blogs pictures! Love that it is free and super easy to use!

    1. Good to see I'm not the only one using it :)