Lush Unicorn Horn

Oh Lush you've done it again... I swear every occasion Lush never fails to bring out something limited edition that is cute, sparkly or smells so damn good. As part of their Valentine collection Lush have released the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and oh yum does it smell good. I decided to pick this up after a hard day at college- any excuse right?  

Bubble bars are probably one of my favourite items from Lush as you can easily make them last a few baths and get your moneys worth. I couldn't resist buying this sweet smelling, sparkly and multi-coloured Unicorn Horn. Just crumble this under a warm running tap and instant bubbles fill up your bath perfect for a nice relaxing evening watching youtube videos with a few candles. If you fancy a little treat this week I definitely recommend that you pop into your local Lush and give this little beauty a purchase. 

Who else shares my addiction to Lush? 

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