Naked 1, 2 or 3?

Throughout January I made a conscious effort to try and use my Naked palettes a lot more frequently. I found that after using them for a few weeks I fell back in love with eye shadow and how a simple sweep of colour can add so much to a natural day look. I am lucky enough to have all three of the Naked palettes so I thought it would be a good idea to do a comparison post on all three.

This is the first of the three palettes and is the first one that I ever bought. Naked 1 includes a range of neutral tones and also shimmery eyeshadows in the palette. I would say that initially I used this palette the most however since I've had the other two palettes I tend to keep this particular one for night time looks because of the range of darker colours. I find you can easily create a deep smokey eye with 'Buck' across the lid 'Smog' in the crease and 'Hustle' on the outer corner. I have dark brown eyes and I find that the majority of these colours work well with my eye colour to create a wide range of makeup looks. 

I would definitely recommend this palette for someone who is looking into buying a high end eye shadow palette which a wide range of colours. The pigmentation is great and you can create multiple looks all from these 12 shades. If you are still unsure on spending so much on a palette check out my post on an amazing dupe for the Naked 1 palette by MUA. Even though isn't as good quality as the Urban Decay shadows it will give you some sort of understanding as to how much you will realistically use the palette.

Next up we have the Naked 2 palette. This was the last one that I added to my collection and I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift from my Grandparents this Christmas. I haven't really experimented with ths palette however I do have a few of my favourite shades such as 'Half Baked' and 'Tease'.

I feel that this palette would be perfect for everyday makeup looks as there is a wider variety of different colours ranging from the lighter browns to darker grey-blue tones. With a mixture of shimmers and mattes this palette is perfect for on the go use as you've got pretty much every colour you need to get the perfect look. Obviously I haven't had this palette long so my opinions are limited however I feel like this palette is going to quickly become my favourite of the three.

Last but not least we have Naked 3 palette. This was the second one I purchased spring last year as I thought it looks absolutely beautiful. From light pink-browns through to dark shimmery browns this palette just looks so pretty  however I haven't used it as much as I thought I would have. The colours are just a little too light for me and I find that I tend to use the middle four shades more than the rest of the palette.

A few of my favourite shades include, 'Lust' as a brow highlight and 'Nooner' the perfect all over lid colour. To get the most out of the entire palette would recommend Naked 3 for those of you that have slightly fairer skin than me.

Overall I love the Naked palettes and I'm very happy and lucky to have them all. I feel like this palettes will last me forever and will be the perfect palettes to take with me to uni. The quality and pigmentation of all the palettes are amazing and for only £38 I would say they are definitely worth the money. At the end of the day these palettes are an investment however they are worth it especially if you love makeup and beauty.

I hope this post helped you weigh up all of the palettes in comparision to one another.
What do you think of the Naked palettes?

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