Caribou Contour Brush

There is now a world of makeup brushes by tons of different brands with all different prices ranges it's difficult to find which ones are worth spending your money on. I was recently followed on my twitter account by an independent brand called Caribou. I saw that the company sells a range of amazing makeup brushes that are not only long lasting they are eco-friendly, cruelty free and naturally sourced making them good for the environment. 

When I received this brush I thought how lovely the quality was and how soft the bristles were against my skin. They compare well to the Real Techniques bristles which is a bonus for me as I am in love with those brushes. I decided to pick up the contour brush from Caribou as I haven't got a contour brush in my collection and I must say it's fitting in very well among my other brushes. I've been using this brush for my contour on a daily basis for the last three weeks and I haven't had any bristles fall out at all. I have also washed this brush with some baby shampoo and warm water and the quality was still there after drying. I am really impressed with this brush and it's definitely nice to know that you've done something good to help with the environment for buying this product. I feel that this brush is going to remain a staple in my makeup routine for a few years to come. All-in-all I believe these makeup brushes are great for anyone that strives for good quality, is passionate about being eco-friendly and is looking for value for money. 

Have you tried out these makeup brushes before?
Let me know in the comments what makeup brushes you think are worth the money? 



  1. This brush looks great, the shape seems perfect for contouring, sounds like an interesting brand.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

    1. you should definitely check them out!! :) it's so so soft!! xx