An Online Treat.. Or Two...

Feel Unique is a website which I, surprisingly, had never delved into however when I discovered they stocked The Balm as well as a ton of other brands I've been dying to try I had to place an order. Click continue to see what I thought about my purchases.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Hollywood Eye Palette As part of Tanya Burr's new cosmetics launch I decided to pick up this lovely neutral quad. On first glance this palette has the perfect four shadows to help create a lovely smoky eye with a mixture of glitter and matte shadows. The pigmentation is is good for a £6 palette however the packaging is very cheap looking and in my opinion is quite disappointing.
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer One of the most talked about highlighters on the market is this one by The Balm. I've always wanted to take the plunge and try it and I'm so glad I did. The formulation is very creamy and blends well into the skin. It's highly pigmented and a little goes a long way which is great as it just means it will last that bit longer. This had quickly grown to be one of my most loved beauty products.
The Balm Hot Mama Another one from The Balm is this beautiful blush. Great to add just a flush of colour to the cheeks, Hot Mama will suit any skin tone. I often use this blush when I want to create a lovely bronzed look. It adds that perfect amount of colour to your cheeks which helps to really shape your face.
Tend Skin Liquid This is a bit of a different one but nonetheless it is a product that I've been desperate to try. VivivannaDoesMakeup recommended this on one of her videos explaining how good it was at preventing and removing in-grown hairs and razor burn after shaving. I am yet to have given this a full trial however I will make a post if I think it is also worth shouting about. 

What are your most recent beauty purchases?

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