Scrub In The Tub

I really need to resist buying stuff from Lush as I am currently visiting my local store way too much however I do love their products and they always seem to tick the box. I was on the search for a sea salt based body scrub to use in the shower to help exfoliate my skin and well Lush seemed to win the competition.
After receiving help from the ever-lovely staff that work in Lush I bought the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub and the Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub. Now you might ask why I bought two scrubs and really I have no reason apart from the fact that I wanted to try them out and see which one I preferred. 
Lush describe their Rub Rub Rub Scrub as an 'exfoliating shower scrub that can also be used to wash, volumise and add shine to your hair'. It goes on to state that, 'sea salt, a natural antiseptic as well as exfoliant' and 'Lemon juice [helps to leave] your skin feeling rejuvenated'. I can say nothing more than agree with their exact words. When using this product I felt my skin was smoother, less dry and my hair was a lot more shiny. The natural sea salt helped to exfoliate dead skin cells away and add a natural bounce to my hair. As for the Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub, Lush state that 'Limes steeped in Vodka, grapefruit and lashing of salt go into this invigorating face and body scrub... [to help] scrub away any dead skin... and nourish skin'. Overall, I much preferred this as a face scrub rather than on the body as I felt it was a lovely thick texture to apply and massage into the face. The smell of this product is beautiful and reminds me of a spa which all but adds to the relaxing atmosphere. I exfoliate my face with this once or twice a week to help keep my skin fresh without drying it out as the avocado butter adds that most important nourishment. I would 100% recommend these products to anyone that feels that their skins needs a slight pick-me-up and to help keep that nasty dry winter skin at bay. 

What are your favourite products from Lush?

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