I'm 20!!

Two weeks ago today I celebrated my 20th birthday!! It was definitely strange spending it in a different city three hours away from home but I guess that it just what comes with growing up. I spent the weekend before my birthday at home with my lovely family and friends and was lucky to go out for a meal before I left to travel back to Nottingham. I arrived back to my new home in Nottingham covered in 'Happy Birthday' banners and balloons, paired with a massive banoffee pie and lovely card from all of my flat mates. I am so grateful to live with such great people and definitely enjoyed the birthday celebrations that evening. I wanted to write a post about what beautiful make up bits my lovely family and friends bought for me, which of course I have been thoroughly trialling for future posts. 

My boyfriend definitely did good this year and completely spoilt me. As you may or may not know from reading my blog I am 100% addicted to NARS and well that addiction isn't stopping any time soon. I was lucky enough to receive five products from NARS to add to my collection. The infamous Copacabana Illuminator, ever beautiful Yachiyo Kabuki Brush, two lip pencils, one in Red Square and the other Dolce and not forgetting a blusher called Luster. I was shocked to see so much NARS in one present but so happy to have some new lovely make up to play with. 
The last lovely make up item I got for my birthday was the Coralista blush by Benefit which was bought for me from two of my lovely flat mates. This blush gives the cheeks a lovely flush of colour and has been my new favourite since my birthday. I've been wearing it with NARS Laguna in the hollows of my cheeks and NARS Copacabana on my cheekbones.

I hope you enjoyed having a snoop through what beauty bits I got for my birthday! I am so grateful for everything I received and can't believe how lucky I am to have such lovely people around me. 

What is your beauty wishlist? 

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