Assumptions of Studying a Fashion Degree

Now just as a warning this is going to be a slightly different post for me, but it's something I really wanted to write about because I feel it will help a lot of people who may be or perhaps is thinking about choosing a fashion degree. 

Throughout my life I've had a lot of people talk about studying a fashion degree in quite a negative way, saying things like, "It's not a proper degree", "what can you achieve in life with a degree in fashion" and even things such as "it's easy, anyone can do a degree in fashion!!". These sorts of comments really anger me and in the past have even made me think twice about even following my dreams of studying a fashion focussed course. After many years of just laughing the comments off I've now realised that the people that feel the need to say those sorts of comments are just narrow minded, and really have no idea what the fashion industry contributes to the economy, how many people it employs, and how many amazing job opportunities it can lead to. 

Studying a fashion course involves a lot of reading, writing and analysing the world today. I have to look into politics, ethics and even physiological theories as to why we shop so it definitely isn't as "easy" as some people make out. To achieve you have to be creative, analytical and be prepared to put yourself out there which are all skills that take time and effort to acquire- which a lot of people don't realise. The course I am currently studying at University only requires me to attend 10 hours a week, which of course isn't a lot in comparison to other degrees. However, my course requires me to manage my free time effectively in order to research, complete group work and studying individually into key topics areas, alone, with limited direction from tutors. 

My advice to you if you are wanting to study a fashion related degree but are worried what others might think or say- ignore them. If it's what you want to do then, do it! Don't worry about what others may think or instantly assume about you. Fashion is the worlds second biggest industry in the world, and it is a fantastic industry to be a part of. 

Are you thinking of studying a fashion degree?

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