Louise Young Make Up Brush

Another make up brush, really? Yes I've added yet another make up brush to my collection but this one is definitely something to shout about. I was lucky enough to receive the Louise Young Super Foundation Brush (LY34) as a christmas present from my boyfriend and it has swiftly become my preferred tool for applying foundation.

Now you may think that this brush doesn't look like anything particularly special but it has seriously transformed the way I apply my foundation. The soft bristles blend my foundation seamlessly into the skin without dragging or tugging at the skin. The larger surface area of the brush compared to the real techniques buffing brush allows the brush itself to handle a lot more product on the face, so I find it better at applying thicker textured foundation. The domed shape of the brush helps to work the product into smaller areas around the face with ease and doesn't leave behind any strokes or lines.  When contouring I used this brush to blend out the edges for a soft focus look rather than a defined line. This brush is perfect if you like natural looking make up but are struggling to achieve that with the current tools you use. If you're looking for a new brush to add to your make up collection this year then definitely check out this foundation brush for stress-free, flawless application. 

What make up brushes would you recommend? 

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