My University Experience So Far

You may or may not know that I started university in September 2015 studying Fashion Management. I have just completed my first term and I commence my second term tomorrow where I will be introduced to the next units of work. I wanted to write a blog post about the things I've experienced at university and how I've been able to cope with studies, socialising and most importantly budgeting. 

Studying Tips
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying in the first term. The workload itself wasn't too intense and I was able to keep on top of lecture notes and reading around the subject without having to worry too much. Key things to remember were attendance, keeping organised and taking lots of notes ready for discussion in seminars. I've bought a lot of books to read around the subject and I try to keep updated with news on the fashion industry on a daily basis.

Social Life 
Socialising was a big part of term one with first of all meeting who I was going to be living with for the first year to then meeting my course friends in freshers week. I have been lucky enough to quickly make friends both where I live and on my course which makes uni life much more enjoyable as I do live away from home and the support around you is important to keep you going when you do feel a little homesick. I can 100% so I've made friends that I will keep for life and as cheesy as that does sound, it's the truth. 

Budgeting Tips
Budgeting is very important at university as obviously you have to make sure you have enough money to do food shopping, cook your meals, clean your clothes and treat yourself to that night out with your friends. This key to budgeting is being savvy with your money, saving cash wherever you can but also remembering to treat yourself every now again for that well deserved break. To save money on food I make my own lunch, instead of eating out at a restaurant or cafe. When it comes to going out I tend limit myself to twice or three times a month depending on how busy I am. I find it easier to budget your money in cash rather than on a card so every week I have £50 and that has to last me the week and 9 times out of 10 I am able to make it to the end of the week with a few pennies left. 

The biggest challenge in term one was definitely getting used to living away from home but my top tip would be to make you student room as homely as possible with photos and trinkets from home to help in those times you feel a bit homesick. But now, I only really have six months left in my first year at university so I've already made it a third of the way through and I've enjoyed ever single second of it. 

If you would like to know anything else about university life or for me to share any more tips I discover along the way then just comment below your questions!

Thankyou for reading!

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