Origins Gift Set Review

Origins is a skincare brand which I have wanted to try out for a while, but I never been able to decide what items in particular I wanted to try. After chatting with the assistant in store about my dry skin problems and dark under eyes, they suggested that I tried their popular Ginzing range. I had read a bit about this range before so decided to go with the assistants suggestion and purchased the Ginzing Energising Essentials Gift Set out of my birthday money back in October. Since then I've given the products a thorough testing and I am here today to give a review on two of the items in particular. 

The gift I bought contained four of the origins products however the two items I have found myself using on a daily basis are the energy boosting moisturiser and the matching eye cream. I found visible results to my skin from using these products within the first few days. My skin is now a lot softer, less flaky and more radiant, my under eyes are visibly lighter in colour and I've found my base now lays on my skin a lot better. I've managed to make my way through at least half of the moisturiser within the last few months and I will definitely be making a re-purchase when I sadly run out. My favourite thing about this product has to be the scent, it has a lovely citrus fragrance which I find just awakens the skin in the morning, which I've found very satisfying in the cold winter months. I would 100% recommend you pop to your local origins counter and get some advice from one of their very helpful assistants. They were very informative and even gave me a free sample of their Drink Up Intensive Mask which I have tested and will be going back in store to purchase the real thing- review coming in the near future. 

Let me know what you favourite skincare product is and why!


  1. I LOVE the Gin-Zing moisturizer! Despite the price tag, I always end up repurchasing it. It generally moisturizes enough, but on the odd dry Winter day, I like to mix it with the Tarte Maracuja Oil & I find they work well together :)

    Wendy |

    1. I definitely agree it's worth the price tag! That is such a good tip, I will have to try mixing it with my facial oil for those extra dry skin days!!

      Thankyou for commenting!

      Zoe xx

  2. I am a big fan of Origins, epecially the face mask! I have also tried out the moisturiser and I definitely agree - it smells incredible! Great review! x


    1. Thankyou for the lovely comment! Definitely will be trying out more Origins products in the near future!

      Zoe x