Welcome 2016

Today marks the start of a brand new year and for me, a fresh start to beauty blogging. I have made a pledge to myself to keep my posts more consistent and stop taking weeks off to try and get my act together. I decided over the Christmas break that I wanted to create helpful and informative content to hopefully help inspire you, my readers, and show you a bit more about my life and what I get up to.

So what are my goals for this year?

Keep blogging.
I aim to post at least three times a week on my blog. As I am both a student and work I feel that is a sufficient amount of posts to keep up with whilst still being about to complete my studies and earn some much needed cash. I am going to begin with posting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday and see how that works with my schedule, however that may be subject to change. 

See more.
Now this is probably a bit vague, but this year I am aiming to see more places and do more things. I live in a new city and feel I need to explore a little more to see what new and exciting things are out there. 

Stay healthy. 
This is probably on everyone and his dogs goals for 2016 so it's probably no stranger that I want to eat a bit healthier, have a bit of self control when it comes to ordering a takeaway and try a few different meals in order to mix things up a bit. 

Stress less. 
Self explanatory. Stress isn't good for anyone so I'm going to learn to relax a bit and learn to say when enough is enough.

Now they are my goals for 2016, I can sense it's going to be a great year and can't wait to see what the next 12 months have ahead.

I would love for you to join me on this journey so follow me on any of my social media listed on the right hand side of my blog. 

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