Eyeshadow Palette Collection

Eye shadow is something I've been collecting over the last three years and since then my palette collection has grown so I wanted to share with you my opinions on each of the palettes I own. A large percentage of my collection is from Urban Decay however I do own a few cheaper palettes for those of you that may want to start delving into the eye shadow world.

First up we have the most affordable of the bunch however it doesn't lack on quality. The MUA Undressed palette is said to be a dupe of the original Naked palette without the hefty price tag. As you can see this palette is very well worn as I often use this palette on a daily basis in order to save my Naked palettes for special occasions. I would recommend this palette for anyone that wants to experiment with eyeshadow but still wants good pigmentation and colour range. 
Urban Decay are known for their high quality eyeshadows, especially their Naked Palettes which is why I currently own four of their total collection. The original palette is probably my most worn because range of light toned colours with a couple of darker shades to help add definition to the crease. As you can see this palette is very similar to the MUA palette however with the price tag you do get a better quality shadow and with that higher pigmentation. If you haven't already got this palette I would definitely recommend that you add it to your collection for the perfect mix of neutral shadows. 
Palette number two in the Naked Range has more of a silver/ grey toned look which is something I haven't really experimented with very much. Saying that the high quality and strong pigmentation is still in the product just like the rest of the range. I do love wearing the shade Tease across the lid with Half baked through the crease and along the bottom lash line for added definition. 
My favourite palette for spring has to be the Naked 3 palette as it is full of beautiful pink and brown shades which are suited to create the perfect springtime look. My favourite shades from this palette are nooner, which is the perfect matte mauve shade which is great just applied to the lid. The variation in colour through this palette is perfect alongside the mix of matte and shimmery colours add the option for various eyeshadow looks.
One of my favourite budget eyeshadow palettes in my collection is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics quad in Hollywood. This palette is perfect for travelling and numerous looks can be created from this one, surprisingly good quality palette. I love the names of these shadows and the gold specs through the shade enchantment is the perfect shade to apply all over the like for a stand out eyeshadow look.
I've already mentioned the Urban Decay Basics Palette in my Updated Brow Routine Post as I tend to use two of the shades from this palette to help fill in my brows. However, again similarly to the Tanya Burr palette, this small palette is perfect for travelling and with all matte shades it is extremely versatile.
The final palette in my collection is my newest addition to the collection and I would have to say it's quickly becoming my favourite of the bunch. Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette was raved about by many bloggers and youtubers which instantly made me want to test it out myself. For the price the shadows are soooo buttery soft, highly pigmented and super blendable. My most worn shades from the palette are, Substitute For Love, a mid-tone brown perfect for the crease, Sweeter End, a beautiful champagne and Warm Notes, a near-perfect dupe for MAC Cranberry.

What do you think of my current eyeshadow collection? Comment below what your favourite palette is! 


  1. I have always been a massive fan of eyeshadow - my favourite feature about myself are my eyes, so of course I want to try and make them even better! My holy grail palette is also the original Naked palette as it is just beautiful - you have some great palettes here (especially that Zoeva one!) lovely post!
    - www.roisinslatest.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Awh thats lovely that you're accentuating your features! I completely agree with you, it's such a staple! Zoeva are definitely killing it with the shadows at the moment!

      Thankyou for a lovely comment!