How To Keep Motivated!

Remaining motivated is a key skill to have as a student, but also as a general human being as it is common to get yourself in a 'rut'. Today I am going to talk about what I do to help motivate myself to get the best I possibly can out of a day!

Plan, Plan, Plan. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I plan every living second of my life, from the moment I wake up to the time I get back into bed in the evening. Planning is so important to remaining motivated as it allows you to notify yourself of what needs to get done and is the opportunity to schedule breaks in your schedule. I currently go to university, have a job, and obviously create content for this blog, but as well as that I like to take time out to visit friends and family (to ultimately still feel human). Without planning my life would be so unproductive and because I have such a busy schedule that would be a disaster. 

Music to your ears. This may not work for everyone but I know that music is my motivation. I'm constantly listening to my Spotify as listening to music helps me concentrate and zone-out of the environment around. This is a great tip as a student as there is always distractions all around you but music just helps to erase that. 

Quotes galore. If any of you lovely readers follow me over on Pinterest you will know how often I repost new motivational quotes to my board. I surround myself around these quotes to help kick my butt into gear when it comes to studying. I have even printed some of my favourite quotes off in order to display on my desk (desk tour coming soon!). 

Reward yourself! I put most of my motivation down to the reward system I seem to have given myself lately. Whether it's to get a deadline completed, clean my room or even just do the washing up I reward myself once the particular task is completed. This often involves a little shopping trip, something food-related or sometimes just a bit of time out from whatever I've been doing. Once you've completed one task and received the reward it is then a lot easier to move onto the next task that needs completing. 

The End Goal. When all the food in the world begins to stop motivating me I resort to the ultimate motivation tool that is the end goal that you want to achieve. As I already mentioned, I'm studying a degree in Fashion Management where I ultimately want to achieve a job that I enjoy doing. Thinking about where I want to be in five years time is something I always force myself to remember when times get tough. 

I hope you enjoyed reading what I do to motivate myself! Let me know what your top tips are in the comments below. 

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