January Monthly Round-up

I find it difficult to believe that January is over already and I'm writing my first monthly round-up of the year. I know it is such a generic thing-saying a month has flown by- but January really has for me! I've been super busy, working, studying, socialising and blogging (of course)- I feel like I haven't remembered half of the things I've been up to this month, so I think it's time to update myself.

I wanted to write this post to share with you guys parts of my month you may have missed on my blog and other social media. First lets start off with the most popular blog posts for this month.

1.Origins Gift Set Review
This post was the most frequently viewed post on my blog this month. If you haven't already, check out this post where I rave about the amazing Origins Ginzing range which has completely transformed my skin. 

Next up was a slightly different blog post for me where I review the Primark Stick on nails that have quickly become my favourite budget beauty item to quickly look put together- without the price tag. 

3.Top 15 Products of 2015
My first beauty post of the new year racks number three in my top five posts. If you're interested in the 15 beauty products I was loving throughout 2015 then check out this post (just be nice to your bank card).

4.L'Oreal Boots Haul
Mid-way through the month I treated myself to a few new beauty bits from L'Oreal. If you'd like to check out my first impressions of the three products then go ahead and click the link.

5.My University Experience So Far

Last but not least we have a bit of a lifestyle post, which personally, I happy has received so many views. If you're looking to go to university this year or in the future then definitely give this post a read for a few tips and advice on the whole experience.

I've been going a bit quote crazy this month over on my Pinterest account. In particular I've been loving adding cute, monochrome quotes to my Pinterest board and looking at them for times I need a little bit of inspiration or motivation. These quotes have helped me keep motivated, positive and all-in-all appreciating life a little bit more- as simple as it may sound I recommend you try it.

Throughout January I've also been able to frequently update my instagram, where I post about beauty, food, and general daily life things. This is probably the best platform to see what I'm up to on a day to day basis and to receive frequent updates on new blog posts. All in all January has been a great month and I'm excited what the next few months may bring. I will be travelling to Florence for a week at the end of March which I cannot wait for and until then I will be keeping to my upload schedule of at least two posts a week.

I hope you have enjoyed following my blog through the first month of 2016, and I would like to say thankyou to all those who have recently followed me on my bloglovin account or other social media. I appreciate the support you guys give me and can't wait to start creating exciting content for the next month. 

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