Desk Tour

Being a student its important to make your surroundings feel as homely as possible. As the desk is the main part of my room I feel that it's the perfect place to make things feel just like home whilst at university. Over the past few months I've been collecting things for my desk to make it feel a bit more like home. Keep reading to find out where I got all of  the items on my desk from.

I like to keep my desk quite full so as you can probably see I have a lot of things currently on my work area. The majority of these items are affordable and haven't set me back much cash. The copper lamp is from Homebase and the pen pot and frame next to it are from The Card Factory. I have put my favourite quote in the frame to help keep me motivated. My laptop and printer are probably the most used items on my desk along with various notebooks which are pretty much always from Tiger. To the right of my laptop we have two items from Tiger, one being the stag jar which currently stores absolutely nothing and the other item are two metal trinket boxes that store my chargers. The most recent addition to my desk is a candle from The White Company which is sitting on a candle plate from Ikea. I love the fruity scent of this candle and the fact you can see the plants within the candle itself. Obviously being a student I have to read a lot of books so I often have a ton of books lying around on my desk which I am mid-way through reading. 

I hope you enjoyed having a poke around my desk! If you have any questions then leave them in the comments below and I'll get back to you! 


  1. love your copper lamp and cannot believe that pen pot and frame is from card factory! i think i need to start looking there for some cute homeware. tiger do some awesome notebooks as well as everything else you could possibly need haha

    xo Sarah

    1. I know it's surprising how much great stuff is available there! I actually work at Tiger so I have to refrain myself from buying all the cute notebooks and practically the whole shop really haha!!

      Thanks for commenting! :)