I Joined The Gym

From a young age I've always been part of a sports team but in recent years I've not had the time or energy to sign up to a team. So instead, along with a few of my friends, I've joined the gym in an attempt to get healthier and work on my fitness. I thought I would put together a blog post about what items I've picked up to wear to the gym and a some sort of work-out routine that I've put into motion. 
Now joining the gym gives anyone the excuse to run out and buy a few new clothing pieces to help with motivation. Now over the past few weeks I've been busy purchasing the odd few gym clothes to help kit me out in preparation for actually getting my butt into gear. I've bought most of my gym clothes from Primark as their fitness section was definitely on point this season, however I managed to pick up a few gym clothes from Tkmaxx and H&M at great prices. If you would like me to a do a full post of my gym outfits then leave a comment below. 

In order to get into some sort of routine I've decided, along with my friends, to set a target of actually going to the gym at least three times a week. Now I feel the gym, paired with uni, work and blogging is a adequate amount of days to fit exercise into my already busy schedule. Along these three days I have been working on my general cardio, core strength and arms as these are the three areas I would like to improve on. My core is the area that I struggle with the most as I seem to have a lack of any strength there, so I've set myself a goal to work to improve this areas muscle strength. 

Joining the gym has helped to make me feel a lot more positive as it's allows me to push my body and have a change of scenery. I enjoy getting out of my student flat with my friends and spending an hour at the gym rather than lounging around in bed- even though I still enjoy that when I can. However going to the gym helps to refresh the mind and makes me feel a lot more productive when it comes down to studying.

Let me know whether you go to the gym and what you'd recommend for working on your core and arms.  

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