I'm off to Italy!

I’ve already mentioned this a few times on my blog but this weekend I’m heading off to Italy for a week away with my boyfriend. Whilst there we are going to explore the country and visit four of the cities in our weeks stay. I wanted to create a post, not only to notify my readers, but as a reference for myself so I can look back on and see what I’ve done and where I’ve been. So todays post is going to be all about what we’ve planned to do whilst in Italy- the organized freak inside me is coming out- and the research we’ve done before travelling.
The Plan
We will be spending 7 nights in Florence, Italy, in an apartment just out of the city center. We plan to spend three of the six days exploring Florence, visiting all the sites and the other three days taking day trips to Rome, Pisa and Venice- which I am very excited about! I’ve always wanted to visit these iconic cities so I can’t wait to get camera happy and let the inner tourist inside of me have free reign.

The Research
Now obviously the research into flights, accommodation and travel when over there wasn’t exactly easy with some many options available, however after deciding on our apartment and finally plucking up the courage to book our flights we went ahead and bought a three day Interrailing pass for our travel to each of the cities. This was such a bargain and has saved us so much money on train fares and reservation fees and all the trains are booked before travel which is exceptionally convenient .
When it came to researching what cities we wanted to visit I mainly read other blogs, watched Youtube videos and scoured through Pinterest for inspiration on where to go and what to do in each city. I have created a board over on my Pinterest if you would like to see what websites I used to help plan our trip.

The Sites
In each of the cities there are tons of iconic sites that are a ‘must see’ however as we only have around 10 hours in each of the cities we a visiting, except Florence, narrowing down what we can see is important to get the best use of or time.
Rome is one of the cities I am most excited about due to my love for History and all the stories I’ve heard about this amazing city. Obviously the iconic sites such as the Colosseum and The Vatican are top on our list.

Pisa is a city I didn’t know much about, apart from the leaning tower of course, so I wanted to visit the city to learn a little bit more about it. Yes I will be aiming to take the typical tourist shot propping up the tower however I am looking forward to wandering around the city to experience the culture that fills the streets.

Venice is a city I am extremely excited to visit, and even though we only have 6 hours in the city upon the canals, I am planning to make the most of it. Some of the sites we have planned to visit are the Grand Canal and St Marks Square.

I hoped you liked reading about what I’m going to be getting up to in Italy. Keep up to date with my travels through my Instagram account where I will be uploading countless pictures of the buildings and of course the food.  I have a few posts scheduled for when I’m away however I will be back to blogging on the 5th of April so will be able to answer any of your questions then.


  1. ahh have fun in italy! you seem to have planned and amazing trip and i can't wait to hear about it :)

    xo Sarah

    1. Thankyou for such a lovely comment Sarah, I'll be posting about my journey either later today or tomorrow so stay tuned! :)