My Top Netflix Picks

Being a student with no tv it's quite difficult to not become ever so slightly addicted to Netflix. It is safe to say that over the past four months I have definitely got my moneys worth and watched a fair few series and films on Netflix. Today I am going to talk about some of my favourites which I feel are worth the watch, so carry on reading if you'd like to know what I've been loving.
The Killing
This Netflix original series if the most recent series that I have worked my way through and god was it worth the watch. If your into crime series and love a good mystery then definitely give this a watch because it will definitely get your mind thinking and heart racing. 

American Horror Story 
I feel like this series doesn't need much of an introduction as I'm guessing pretty much everyone has heard about American Horror Story. I was a bit late onto the band wagon myself however I thoroughly enjoyed the early seasons in this series, but seemed to lose interest when watching Freak Show. I am yet to watch Hotel but will definitely complete the series to finalise my thought on it overall.

X + Y
Moving on to films now we have one that is definitely a tear jerker. A story of a young autisic, mathematical genius that competes in the International Mathematical Olympiad. It follows Nathan through his journey and struggles with building relationships as he competes in the competition. It is definitely a film to watch if you are looking for a heart-warming moment which will captivate hearts.

Good People 
I cannot deny that I clicked on this film for the beauty that is James Franco, however I thoroughly enjoyed this action packed thriller of a young couple who get mixed up with someone else's mess. Despite the bad reviews I enjoyed watching this film and would 100% advise you to give it a watch.

In Your Eyes
Chick flicks have to be my favourite genre of film and this was one chick flick that I'd never heard of before. This film follows the story of a neglected housewife and charismatic ex-con that share a metaphysical connection where in which they can see through eachothers eyes. 

I would love to know what films and series you would recommend watching on Netflix so make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below. 


  1. I'm dying to watch AHS but I'm too scared to do it alone, haha! I'm currently watching Suits after having so many of my friends tell me to watch it. I didn't think I'd like it but I'm addicted!!

    xo Sarah

    1. I was exactly the same but it's definitely worth the watch! :) I've been thinking about watching Suits, I think that will be the next on my list to watch! :)
      Thankyou for the comment!


  2. Loved American horror story ! Haven't watched the hotel yet. They're bringing out a new one called the cruise! Also recommend bates motel and pretty little liars. Oh and Dexter 😎

    1. Ooooh yeah I saw a picture of that! It looks interesting! I better catch up with Hotel before that comes out! Thanks for the recommendation Kathy!