Starting My Own Capsule Wardrobe

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Having a capsule wardrobe has always been something I've always debated trying out however before now I've never really had the reason to. Since moving to uni I've definitely had to downsize but rearranging my clothes was something that I've not yet had the time to do until now. After watching Vivianna Does Makeup series of capsule wardrobe videos I've decided to bite the bullet and finally put my own minimalistic wardrobe together. This post is going to show you guys what processes I went through in order to create my final wardrobe that I'm finally happy with. 
To create my own capsule wardrobe I mainly used Vivianna's step-by-step guide as I found it very helpful when deciding what to keep and want to remove. 

Have a clear out
The first stage for creating your own capsule wardrobe is to have the all important clear out. Now it doesn't mean you just throw everything out and start again, instead it is all about re-arranging what you have in your current wardrobe and whether its actually seasonally appropriate. I went through all of my clothes and made a pile of more summery clothes and clothes that were suitable for the weather right now. Once this was divided into two piles I then divided each pile into clothes I wanted to keep for each season and clothes I wanted to gift to charity/family/friends. I would say that this stage was by far the hardest but most rewarding as you could see how you really didn't need to have five grey t-shirts that all looked identical. However it made me realise that I already have key pieces that I didn't need to re-purchase as they all followed a similar style.

Practice run of your wardrobe
The next thing to do is to give your wardrobe a test-run and see if you are able to live with what you've selected for a week. For me today marks the end of my trial week and I can definitely say that I haven't worn absolutely every item in my wardrobe so there is still room for downsizing my current wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoyed this step as I could see what outfits I felt 100% comfortable in as well as being practical for day-to-day activities. This section of the planning also helped me realise that I really need to mix up what I wear when it comes to trousers as currently I only wear jeans in five different colours. 

Fill any gaps, take out items that don't fit. 
After giving your wardrobe the much needed test run it's time to do a little bit of shopping for items you feel are missing in your wardrobe. With this it is best to create a detailed list of what you want to find to help constrain yourself when shopping. So for me I know I wanted more trousers so I had a little search on-line and around the stores for a few different pairs of trousers to help spice up my wardrobe slightly. In addition to this I have also packed away the items I found that I didn't wear to help condense the wardrobe even more.

Write in the calendar your next re-jig
The whole purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to refresh your collection every three months, so basically every season. Now you don't have to go crazy and buy loads of pieces, instead its a time to just update what you have to make it more seasonal. To do this you can either take what you've got in storage and pack away jumpers you've worn throughout Winter or create another concise shopping list of items you believe will enhance your wardrobe for that season.

The Outcome 
So currently I have around 39 pieces in my wardrobe which can all be mix-and-matched together in order to create outfits. I feel a lot more relaxed and at ease when putting together outfits rather than constantly stressing about what clothes I'm going to wear. It's nice to know that I can see all the clothes I have available clearly without having to endlessly shift through piles and piles of clothes which often left me in a 'I have nothing to wear' attitude. I am going to document my capsule wardrobe throughout the following months and pick out key pieces that I would recommend for those of you that are thinking about  starting their own or maybe just condensing down their current wardrobe. 

If you want any more advice or inspiration when creating your own capsule wardrobe then I would definitely advise following Vivianna's youtube channel to look at her journey season to season. 

Thankyou for reading, please leave any questions or comments down below. 

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