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If you've been a reader of Zoethedreamer since 2014 you will know that I've been a huge lover of a particular beauty brand. NARS to me offers such a wide range of high quality makeup products that just honestly ticks all my boxes. I suffer from dry skin and hate it when products I wear on my skin enhance that but NARS products don, which gets a thumbs up from me. I thought I would sit down and write a post about all the products I have from NARS and a little mini review for each one. 

NARS LAGUNA BRONZER I'll start with the product I use on a daily basis, hence why I've hit pan and pray it doesnt break everytime I use it. This bronzer is the perfect all round contour and doesnt go patchy or cakey on the skin. I blend this into the contours of my face to help add shape and a bit of colour especially during the cooler months when I'm feeling a bit pale. I bought this waaay back in December 2014 and I've only hit pan in the last month or so, so its definitely good value for money.

NARS BLUSH IN LUSTER This is one of two NARS blushes I own and I would probably refer to it as my every day blush. Luster is the perfect peach toned blush which I find just perks up the skin without making it look too un-natural. I lightly dust this over the apples of my cheeks to add dimension back into my face after applying foundation and I find it gives an overall healthy-looking glow. 

NARS BLUSH IN ORGASM The second of my blushers is the iconic NARS orgasm. I bought this on my trip to Thailand late last year along with a few other NARS beauty products and I'm so happy that it is in my collection. Orgasm, if you don't know already, is a beautiful pink-toned blush with gold flecks running through it. I wore this alot on my holiday as I found it really complimented my bronzed skin however it is lovely paired in the winter with a lovely smokey eye. The blushers themselves are blendable and well pigmented, so will last forever.

NARS RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER IN HONEY Another one of my duty free purchases was the infamous concealer by NARS. I use this concealer primarily to cancel out my dark circles under my eyes and then use the collection concealer to highlight the tops of my cheekbones and under the brow bone.

NARS ALL DAY LUMINOUS WEIGHTLESS FOUNDATION IN MONT BLANC I tend to wear this foundation when my skin is feeling more oily than normal as I do find it can cling to any dry patches on my skin. However I love the natural, skin-like appearance this foundation gives the skin without being too full coverage. The colour range is extensive too so you'll definitely find a match if you're looking for trying out a new foundation.

NARS CONTOUR BLUSH IN PALOMA This is my most recent purchase from NARS as I hadn't heard much about this product amongst the beauty blogging world. I wanted to compare this to the Laguna bronzer and see if they were simliar or not. The verdict is they are slightly similar but the Paloma contour shade has more of a orangey undertone compared to Laguna.

NARS AUDACIOUS LIPSTICK IN RAQUEL This is my only NARS lipstick but I love it. For this time of year its probably a bit too peachy toned so I'm saving it for the brighter weather. However the overall creamy texture and moisturising finish works well on the lips and lasts all day. I would definitely pick up some more shades if I had a little more money however for now I'll keep this one as a special purchase on its own.

NARS VELVET MATTE LIP PENCIL IN DOLCE VITA Another one of my favourites from NARS are their velvet matte lip pencils. I have two shades, Dolce Vita being the neutral shade of the two, which is perfect for day to day wear.

NARS VELVET MATTE LIP PENCIL IN RED SQUARE The second velvet matte lip pencil is Red Square which as the name suggests, is the perfect classic red which I often wear in the evenings. The longevity of this product on the lips is great as the matte finish helps it stay longer on the lips. 

NARS YACHIYO BRUSH The one prized possession in my NARS collection is this strange looking brush. I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift from my lovely boyfriend and I use it to contour my cheek bones as it has the perfect domed shape to get right in the contours of my face. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my NARS makeup collection and if you'd like to ask anymore questions about any of the questions then let me know in the comments! 

I am planning on doing a few more beauty edits for a couple of other brands I love from the highstreet so definitely write in the comments if you'd like to see that sometime soon.

Thankyou for reading and for your continued support!

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