Zoeva Makeup Brushes

Before I fell in love with makeup and beauty I didn't really understand why people needed to spend so much money on makeup brushes and how each brush supposedly gave a different 'look' or 'effect'. After trying out a few different brands and wasting a fair amount of money on brushes that just fell apart after one wash, I began to realise why it is important to invest in your beauty tools. However, this doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on your whole collection as there are some affordable brands available to use beauty lovers who don't want to spend over the odds for our brushes. Today I want to talk about a brand that has revolutionised the beauty world with their great quality, affordable makeup and brush collections, and why they really are worth all the hype they receive.

Zoeva is a brand that I have spoken about in the past, especially about their Cocoa Blend Palette which many other beauty bloggers and youtubers raved about late 2015. I bought these Zoeva brushes way back in August last year and when searching through my posts it was crazy to realise that I hadn't talked about them sooner. Now these brushes are no stranger to those of you that know Zoeva as a brand and follow other bloggers and youtubers however I wanted to sit down to express my opinion on the brushes and show you my collection. 

When buying the brushes I wanted to increase my eye brush collection as at the time I was more than happy with my other brushes, so the majority of my Zoeva brush collection are their eye brushes.

Luxe Soft Crease This brush is similiar to the MAC 217 and is dubbed as a dupe amongst the beauty-sphere. I tend to use this to help blend out the crease when creating a smoky eye as the lightly packed brush doesn't hold on to too much product, creating a soft blend. 
Luxe Soft Definer When I first recieved this brush I thought it was very similar to the previous brush however it applies shadow completely different. This is a more densly compact brush so holds onto a bit more product which helps to define the outer corner of the eye. I often use this brush to help transform a day-time eye to a night-time look with a smoky brown shade in the outer-v. 
Luxe Petite Crease This brush is probably my favourite out of the whole collection that I own from Zoeva as it is the perfect brush for smoking out the lower lash line. I often use this brush to smudge khol eyeliner along the bottom lash line to add a shadow to the eye. It is the perfect density and doesn't drag at the very sensitive area close to the eye.
Luxe Pencil I thought I would have used this brush more than I thought however I find it is a little bit small to do anything with. However when I want to add an inner corner highlight to my eye I tend to use this pencil brush to apply a small amount of The Balm Mary-Lou Maniser to the inner corner to help brighten up my eyes.
Luxe Fan Last but not least we have the only face brush that I currently own from Zoeva and that is the Fan brush. I use this brush on a daily basis to apply my highlight to the tops of my cheek bones and brow bone. It applies just enough product without making my cheeks look like two disco balls. 

The quality across all the brushes is consistent. They are all soft and don't drag the skin or shed at all. I've found that they wash up well too which gets a thumbs up from me as it shows they will last the test of time. I am definitely going to invest in a few more brushes from Zoeva and look into purchasing a few of their face brushes. 

Let me know if you've tried out Zoeva's amazing brush collection and if not what brushes are you lusting over currently. 


  1. Ah I love the Zoeva brushes!

    1. I couldn't recommend them enough! Great budget brand :)