Tips for De-Stressing

I feel like this time of year can become extra stressful for the majority of people, especially us students. Exams are beginning to kick in and the stress seems to tag along for the ride too. Over the years I've found myself under a lot of stress in order to meet deadlines and revise for exams so I wanted to put together a post showing you what I do to keep stress-free or at least minimise it as much as possible. Even though many of these tips are fairly obvious, I thought it would be useful to those of you that are struggling to keep on top of things throughout this busy time of year. 

Music is the key For me music is my escape and in order to remain productive music encourages me to complete my to do list for that day. Spotify is my favourite music app for listening to all of the recent artists as well as a few golden oldies which I can't help but have a sing along to. I'd suggest taking 20-30 minutes one day to put together your own motivational playlist to help accompany you along your revision journey, I promise you it will help, a lot

Pace yourself Anyone who knows me personally will know I create a to do list for everything, everyday, of every week. I know for some people it may be excessive to plan out your entire day, or life in my case, however for revision and helping cope with stress I feel that to do lists really help manage the workload. There is nothing quite like the feeling of ticking off the entire days list after a hard day of revision. Planning out your revision helps make it easier when hitting deadlines and tracking your progress throughout the particular topic or subject.

Reward yourself Something I believe in greatly is the important to let yourself have a break and reward yourself. Whether its a night out with the girls, watching a movie or going to the gym, taking time out is important to refresh the mind and it will honestly help your productivity when you get back to it the next day. 

Exercise This was a step I really wish I had done more of throughout my a-levels as it is easy to get bogged down in the mountains of work left to complete you often forget to look after yourself. Exercising your body is important in order to help relieve pressure on your muscles which without it could potentially cause headaches and unwanted tension. Whether its a half an hour walk to the shop or even revising outside to get some fresh air it will 100% help reduce your stress levels.

Eat properly Linking on from the previous step it is important that you eat properly. In order for the brain to function it needs to have the right fuel in your body. If you're currently relying on caffeine and chocolate to get you through the day then eventually your body is going to give up on you due to the lack of nutrients in your system. Snacking on fruit and veg and having at least three good meals a day will help keep your brain and body fuelled, which will make it a lot easier to get work done. 

Ultimately, once you look after your body with the right food and exercise, create a plan and include the vital rest breaks and rewards, you will begin to see the stress just melt away. 

Please leave your recommendations for becoming stress-free in the comments below and let me know what exams you're revising for. 

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