Updated Blog Schedule

Managing to keep on top of blogging whilst studying and having a part-time job isn't an easy task by any stretch. However over the past few months I have been able to keep to a regular upload of 3-4 times a week. The OCD part of me found it difficult to cope with such a random upload schedule so I have now decided to have a weekly upload schedule that will be easier to manage and allow me to improve on the content I upload.

I want to consistently post on my blog so I have decided with managing university and a part-time job I will upload three times a week. These posts will be live to view on my blog every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 2.30pm GMT, and will include a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Not only will this help satisfy my OCD but it will allow me to effectively communicate with those of you that read and support my blog on a weekly basis. Having this schedule will also help me to sufficiently plan the month ahead rather than rushing content or thinking of something up on the spot. I am hoping that this new schedule will help improve my blog overall and I will now be able to communicate with my readers more as I want to feel more connected with those that support my blog. 

Of course on the days I don't upload I will be no doubt posting on my other social media in order to keep you guys updated on what I'm up to. I will make sure to leave a list of where you can find me at the end of this post. I have planned some exciting posts for this month that I hope you will find useful, so I wish that you stick by to see what is in store for Zoethedreamer over the next few weeks. The easiest way to keep updated on my blog is through my bloglovin' account where you can easily see what bloggers have uploaded on your own timeline to make sure you don't ever miss a post again. 

As mentioned before I am available on various other forms of social media where I am happy to ask any questions and receive any recommendations for future post ideas. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Pinterest, simply just click the link and follow me on any of your preferred platform(s). 

I hope you like the idea of my new blog schedule and are looking forward to read my posts over the rest of the month. I can't thankyou for all of your support! 

Love Zoe 

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