April Monthly Round Up

Starting another new month is so crazy and I honestly can't believe how quickly April flew by. I will have to admit I didn't stick to my posting schedule as much as I would have ideally wanted throughout April however a lot of things cropped up that were really out of my control. April was a busy month at uni, with revision kicking in and starting my final project ready for submission in four weeks it was definitely all go. However it's sad to think that my first year at university is almost over with only five more weeks left until its all complete. In April I decided to finally buy my domain so I dropped the blogspot.co.uk to become zoethedreamer.com. I'm so happy that I finally decided to buy my domain as it has made me value my blog a lot more and motivated me to improve my content for my lovely readers.

As ever I want to kick the new month of May off with a look back at my most popular posts of April so you can check them out if you haven't already.

This post features the details of when I'm aiming to post my blog posts in the week which currently stands a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Obviously due to me being super busy throughout April this didn't really stick to the plan however going through to May I am determined to keep up with the schedule.

As if I haven't spoken about it enough already I was lucky enough to go on holiday to Italy with my wonderful boyfriend. This post features loads of pictures of all the places we visited along the way.

Highstreet beauty is something that I love exploring so in this post I talk through my favourite products from the highstreet that I feel beat higher end brands.

No month is complete without some form of review so this month I reviewed the Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner. Even though its not really for me it definitely may suit some of you out there searching for the perfect eyeliner.

Last but not least we have my first style post in a fair while. In this post I talk about my favourite fashion staple which is currently the leather jacket. I have roamed the high street in search for the perfect leather jackets that you guys can go ahead and buy.

So what does May have to bring? Lots of revision, an exam and project submission but most importantly a lot of interesting content here on zoethedreamer.com. I look forward to posting throughout may and hope you stick around to enjoy the journey with me. 

Let me know in the comments below what you favourite post was throughout April. 

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