Makeup Forever Concealer Review

You may or may not know but I was lucky enough to travel to Italy and whilst I was there I obviously headed to the local Sephora to get my hands on some makeup that I couldn’t already by in the UK. Todays post is going to be review of the Makeup Forever HD Concealer that I’ve been trialling since I returned from my holiday back in April.
Anyone who knows me knows I like to try out concealers and over the years I definitely tried a fair few brands out there. Makeup Forever is a brand I’ve heard a lot about whilst watching YouTube beauty bloggers and reading my favourite bloggers. Their HD concealer is one product that I’ve heard a lot about from various bloggers so when in Italy I made sure I picked myself one up to try out.

This concealers formula is something completely different than anything else I’ve tried. It has a thick consistency however when blended it is a lot lighter on the skin but still offers the needed coverage. I’ve been using this concealer under my eyes to help cover dark circles and freshen up the face. The concealer gives a lovely highlighted look to help brighten up the face and cover up any imperfections. I was initially impressed with this concealer as it didn’t crease or dry out my under eyes like other concealers have however, throughout the day I find this concealer does move around the skin and tends to crease at the edge of my eye. To combat this I make sure I set the concealer with my translucent Rimmel powder and I find it last a lot longer on the skin. Because of this, I find that I tend to use this concealer more in the evenings as the extra step of setting with a powder often takes too long when I’m half asleep in the morning. That’s probably just me being lazy.

The packaging of this concealer isn’t particularly special as it’s essentially just a black tube with the Makeup Forever branding on the tube itself. However as it is in a tube you are able to squeeze all of the product out rather than the traditional tube and doe foot applicator like the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. For that reason alone I do prefer this form of packaging as I am able to get all of the product out of the tube rather than having to waste any product that could be stuck in the tube.

The Verdict

Overall I am impressed with my first dabble into Makeup Forever products and I am pleased I managed to get my hands on the concealer. Like I previously mentioned, I tend to use this concealer more in the evenings because of the need to set the concealer to prevent creasing throughout the day. All in all, I would recommend if you’ve been thinking about it already to try out this concealer because you definitely won’t be disappointed. 

Let me know in the comments below your opinions of this product if you've tried it before! 

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