The Perfect Brow Weapon

Beauty tools are something that I never used to invest in, however since trying a couple of beauty tools that cost that little extra I definitely noticed a difference. Since I started buying makeup my collection has grown substantially, I now own so many brushes it takes me a couple of hours to clean them and a pair of eyelash curlers that I worship. My most recent addition is this Tweezers from Browtician, now I was sceptical as to weather a £7.99 pair of tweezers would be worth the price tag, but I can certainly say that they are.

I first noticed this range in Superdrug a few months ago when I was buying a tanning mitt, but I was dubious as to whether spending £7 on some tweezers was worth it. However, when my own tweezers became covered in eyelash glue I decided that I needed to buy a pair of tweezers for my eyebrows. I was obviously in a spendy mood this day as I bought these tweezers alongside a bunch of new L’Oreal new make-up releases.
These tweezers have honestly made taming my eyebrows so much easier compared to my previous pair. They are comfortable to hold and somehow gets a solid grip on the eyebrow hair so it can be removed in one. My old tweezers forever lost grip or snapped the hair halfway through removal, which made eyebrow grooming much more of a chore.
I love that these tweezers come in a box too as it makes them much easier to find in your makeup bag and stops them from getting grubby. I feel like these tweezers are going to keep my brows in order for the next couple of years, so I would definitely recommend you pick yourself up a pair if you’re in the search for a pair of tweezers that are worth the price tag and speed up the entire process.
They are currently on offer in Superdrug for £5.32 so definitely check them out if you're looking for a new pair of tweezers.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post and that some of you may have found it useful.

Let me know what your favourite beauty tool is in the comments below. 

Love Zoe x  


  1. My favourite brow weapon is the eyelure brow dye kit, it works wonders!

    1. I've spotted that in Superdrug a few times and been very intrigued! I will have to pick one up next time I'm in store x