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This time last year I was planning my move to Nottingham to start my Fashion Management Degree. A year on and I've managed to achieve a 1st on my course and meet a lot of amazing people along the way. I mentioned on my Twitter whether you would like to see a Q&A about my university experience and it appeared to be quite popular so I guess here it is. I've put together a few questions that I feel will help any of you who may be heading to university this year and maybe settle some nerves. 

What did I do before university?
I took a year out before going to University, mainly to ensure it was what I wanted to do and earn some much needed savings to help make university life that little easier. I also completed a ABC Fashion Retail diploma in this year to make sure that I had the knowledge to help me to progress through to my university studies. This year out helped settle my nerves about committing to a degree and in September 2015 I moved to Nottingham to begin my journey.

What was it like moving in with strangers?
Not all that bad. A good thing about my university was the array of Facebook groups you could join to meet people. There was a Facebook group dedicated to each Halls of Residence where you could discover who you would be living with before you even moved in. This was really helpful as I was able to find out about the people I would be living with before I even moved in. All of my flat mates were lovely and my first year at university wouldn't have been the same without them. 

What things should I bring with me?
I would say I definitely over-packed. You have to bare in mind that the rooms you are moving into are a lot smaller and have a lot less wardrobe space as I found out on moving in day. I struggled to fit my clothes into my room along with all of my other home comforts. I would recommend to take comfy clothes, a few home comforts and print off some photos to stick around your room. I also bought the basics when it came to kitchenware, pots, pans, knives and forks, nothing too expensive as to be honest when I moved out I left most of it there.

Did you get homesick?
I wouldn't say I was overly homesick as you constantly had people around you to talk to and get you through the day. I however did find the transition of moving to a bigger city a bit weird as it is totally different to Norwich. Moving to University has definitely made me appreciate home more which makes it a lot more rewarding when I travel home.

How hard is it to budget?
Budgeting at university is probably the most difficult thing you have to do- well and obviously study for your degree. Food is expensive and I found I was wasting a lot of money on food going out of date. I began to try and make meals last a few days to save money such as Casseroles, Spaghetti Bolognese and Sweet and Sour Chicken. My goal for year two is to experiment more with my cooking and work hard at creating cost effective meals. 

Do you have a job at university? 
 I have had a job in my first year at university which I have found very helpful in one of two ways. Having a job is great as you have a little extra income that you can spend to make your student loan go that little further. As well as this I found having a job at university a great way to take a break and get your mind of studying. I am lucky enough to work with an amazing group of people too which is great to have another social circle which I can socialise with.

Does the debt worry you?
If I'm being completely honest, yes. After my four year degree I will have accumulated a large debt and spent a lot of money over the years. However, I wouldn't be able to pursue my career path without studying for this degree and I also feel that University teaches you to be independent which is a great life skill.

I would recommend if you are debating on whether or not to go to university to definitely do you research. Make sure you are really passionate about your chosen subject as you will ultimately be studying it for 3-4 years of your life and most importantly spending a lot of money on it. Look at the career prospects after graduation and see where you could be when you finally graduate and start earning money. However, don't let the worries you may have about university stop you. University is a great way to meet people and build on your independence and I totally believe that if you've got the opportunity to study a degree you should take it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Q&A about university life. If there are any other questions you want to ask just pop them in the comments.

Love Zoe x 

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