Advice On Improving Your Current Blog

 Improving and updating my blog is something that I've experimented a lot with in the past. Any of you that may have read my blog from the start will probably remember the cluttered blogger layout that I originally used and the unedited, badly constructed imagery I added to my posts. In the early days of any blog its difficult to know where to start in regards to improving it and it's important to understand it's never going to be completely perfect at the beginning. I feel that changing your blog as it grows is important however I often found myself stuck on what to do to give my blog a new look. After much trial and error, many late nights HTML coding and watching youtube tutorials I have finally created a blog that I am happy with and feel proud of. I thought it would be helpful to put together a post of a few tips and tricks I would recommend you do to help freshen up your blog and make a move towards a more professional looking website. 

Layout is something that I struggled with from the start. I began with a very cluttered blog post with widgets everywhere however, I now have a concise selection of the widgets that I feel help enhance, rather than hinder my blog. I love imagery so I wanted to make this a feature on my blog with the new scrolling banner across the home page. This then filters down into the main body of my blog with large images and posts taking up the majority of the screen. To the right hand side I have a selection of widgets that can be used to navigate my blog and other social media channels, as well as a run down of my most popular blog posts. I actually bought this template from Etsy for a mere £4.61 which made life a hell of a lot easier which I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to make their blog look a lot more professional.

Photography is a great way to improve your blog content and is a quick fix for any blog. Images are a great, quick way to connect with your readers and can be used across all social media which helps with networking your blog posts to potential new readers. I used to take my photos on a simple compact Sony Camera however, now I tend to take my photos on my Sony A5000 camera or recently my Iphone 5s. I edit my photos simply with the use of Snapseed on my Iphone, where I tend to just increase the brightness, saturation and sharpness of my images to fit in with my overall theme. I feel like my photography has improved a lot since the start of my blogging journey and it is something that I am proud of most.

Varied content on your blog helps to show your readers your personality. Whether you like beauty and fashion or just love baking why not blog about it. Blogging shouldn't put a constraint on your creativity so explore any possible blog post you feel passionate about. I tend to settle in Beauty and Lifestyle with a little bit of Fashion thrown in there for good measure, however remember every blog is different and should show your personality so as long as you enjoy writing it that's all that matters. 

One thing that I have recently done is bought my domain. At first this was a scary proposal as I had zero clue as to how to do it but with fantastic Youtube tutorials out there is was easy as anything whilst I got into it. I used GoDaddy to buy my domain and change it from to I feel this gives your blog a much more professional look and doesn't cost a fortune at all. To add to my new look I bought my own set of business cards-post here- which I now use to network with local businesses and bloggers which all help to get your blogs name out there.

However my most important piece of advice is to not compare your blog to others out there. Don't worry about how many followers you have or how many comments you get on your posts. This will only bog you down and dampen your creativity so just stay positive and enjoy what you are doing and the numbers will just come along with it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my advice on improving your blog. Let me know of any tips you have used to improve you current blog in the comments below. 

Love Zoe x 

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