First Impressions: Garnier Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

Skincare is something that I like to keep relatively simple in my daily routine. I don't have the time to continually apply face masks, soak my skin in luxury oils or use hot cloth cleansers to remove my makeup on a daily basis so I tend to look for products that are quick, affordable and essentially do the job. Many of you may or may not know that I suffer from dry skin on particular areas of my face so I tend to look for beauty products that claim to do something for dry skin sufferers. I have previously been a huge fan of Garniers original Micellar water, so much so I have lost count of the number of bottles I've made my way through over the years. When I saw this mysterious oil-micellar combination on the shelves in Boots I thought I would test it out and let you lovely people know my initial thoughts about the product. 
At first I thought this was just another gimmick to add to a product however I think Garnier have designed something truly great for those of us that suffer from dry skin. Before popping a few drops of the liquid onto a cotton pad I gave the bottle a good shake to evenly distribute the oil in the water. The water now has a slightly yellowish tint to it however it doesn't smell awful or at all synthetic which is lovely. The oil based liquid glides smoothly over the skin and removes stubborn eye makeup in an instant. I find that this micellar water in comparison to the original one by Garnier leaves the skin feeling more nourished and supple. Even though I loved the original micellar water I sometimes found that my skin could feel dry and slightly stiff so I tended to apply a facial oil and moisturiser afterwards before applying my makeup. The bonus of the added oil removes one step from my skincare routine, so I no longer need to add vitamin E oil to my face before my moisturiser, saving me extra time and most importantly money on skincare. The skin isn't left greasy at all which I sometimes found from applying a separate oil, which again saves time on waiting for the product to completely sink into the skin. The cost per use of this product is fantastic, and for a student like myself at only £3 a bottle this is definitely worth every penny. I am going to continue to use this product daily to see if my opinion changes but currently I am in love and would definitely recommend that you pick up a bottle.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first impressions of the Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water. Let me know in the comments below of any beauty/skincare products you think deliver what they promise.

Love Zoe x 


  1. ahh i really want to try this! although AMAZING at taking makeup off, i find the normal one quite stripping and uncomfortable on my skin. maybe this will be better for me?!

    xo Sarah
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  2. I actually wrote about this on my blg too, I loved it aswell!