How I Take My Blog Photos

Over the years photography on my blog has transformed from drab and dreary to light and eye-catching. I wanted to share with you how I create my blog photos and create a post full of my top tips for getting to perfect shot for your blog. 

I tend to use my Sony A5000 camera to take the majority of my blog photos however I do sometimes use my Iphone 5s camera as it eliminates one step when editing. I would say investing in a decent camera/ camera phone would be the best bit of advice I would give any new blogger as it will instantly enchance your blog content. 

Lighting and Layout
In order to get the best photo it is best, if possible, to use natural lighting. I don't have any softboxes, instead I use the natural sunlight to help take my pictures. Without good lighting your photos can become very washed out and fail to capture the detail in the picture. Playing around with the composition of the photo also helps to create unique and eye-catching images for your blog content. I tend to take 20-30 pictures for one blog post, where I continually play around with the layout of the products and backgrounds until I am happy with the layout. Taking this many pictures helps when it comes to editing as you have a lot more choice to look at rather than just a couple of pictures that you are really happy with. 

Props and Backgrounds
Experimenting with props and backgrounds is definitely one of my favourites and probably most recent changes to my blog photos. Props in any shape or size make the perfect setting for shooting flat lays and certainly brings interest to the picture. I tend to use magazines, notebooks, photo frames and other beauty products to dress up my photos. Pick magazine features that match the colours of your products or maybe the season you are talking about. My spring and summer images are very bright whereas when we begin to transition into autumn winter the images will become a lot more cosy and warm.

Editing Applications

Over the years I have used various editing programs to enhance my photos. For the past few months I've thoroughly enjoyed using Snapseed, which is available on both Android and Apple. This app is so easy to use and has a multitude of settings that you can alter, and even pin point particular areas of the photos you need to sharpen, brighten or even increase the saturation. I tend to play around with the brightness and contrast to get the right balance for the picture to fit my current theme.

I really hope that this blog post has potentially helped or maybe inspired some of you to play around with your photography style on your own blogs. Taking photos is 100% my favourite part of blogging now as you can really put your own personality across in one image. It's true a picture is worth a thousand words.

Let me know in the comments below of any tips and tricks you use to create your blog images.

Love Zoe xx 

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