L'Oreal Cushion Foundation Review

A cushion foundation? If you are also wondering what one earth a cushion foundation is then you will be in the same position I was a couple of weeks ago. After noticing L'Oreal had released this new foundation in store I couldn't resist but pick it up to try and discover what was so impressive about using a cushion foundation. I've been testing this foundation for over three weeks now and I have definitely formed my own opinion on L'Oreal's unique highstreet foundation.
After a lot of research into this foundation I realised that L'Oreal are not the first beauty brand to release a cushion foundation, however they are the first budget beauty brand to do so. I wanted to give you guys the rundown of my opinions of this product and let you know whether it is indeed just a gimmick or does the cushion element of this foundation add anything to the product itself.

The Packaging
The pink shiny packaging is pretty and makes the product look that little bit extra special. Featuring a large mirror and handy little sponge this foundation offers everything to the customer. I tend to stick to using my own makeup brushes and Real Techniques blending sponge to apply this foundation however the included sponge is handy for travel. The amount of product included in this product is sustainally lower than other equivalents with only 14.6 ml of product compared the the usual 30ml. Upon first opening the product I found the cushion element of the product slightly weird however I quikcly realised how easy it was to get just the right amount of product compared to pump foundations. Pressing your brush or sponge into the cushion allows for just enough product to pass through which can be easily blended onto the face. It elminates the need to pump product onto the back of your hand keeping makeup application clean and tidy. At first I did find the cushion to be a bit gimmicky however now I completely love it as it makes foundation application so much quicker. 

The Product
The foundation itself promises to offer a dewy glow which is lightweight on the skin and quick to apply. This type of foundation is what I tend to go for as I don't really want something that is particularly thick or cakey on the skin. Compared to other lightweight dewy foundations I've tried this is definitely on the less dewy side however it does give the skin a lovely natural glow. It is ridiculously lightweight on the skin, great for day wear makeup or if you don't really need the super high coverage. I bought the foundation in the shade 3 which was great match for when I had a tan however I will probably need to go for the lighter shade as we move into Autumn Winter. I did find this foundation to be slightly drying on the skin if I didn't apply moisturiser before so just bare than in mind if you do decide to test this foundation out for yourself.  

The Verdict
Overall, I do like this foundation but whether I would purchase it again I am yet undecided. It didn't particularly wow me however it certainly wasn't the worst foundation I've ever tried. It ticks all the right boxes with offering the amount of coverage I desire and is a great colour match however I'm still not totally convinced that the cushion element is necessarily needed.

If you are as curious as me then definitely give it a trial for yourselves and help me decide wether this foundation has its place on the budget beauty counters.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried or perhaps are looking to try out this foundation. 

Love Zoe x

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