University Room Tour

As previously mentioned I have moved back to Nottingham ahead of year two at university. Moving in early has given me the chance to settle in, set up my room and really just enjoy the amount of space I have in my new accomodation. I wanted to share with you a few pictures of my room whilst it's tidy and to maybe give you some sort of inspiration if you're heading to university this year. By no means is it complete as I do want to hang some photos around my room however I am waiting on the arrival of my photos from LaLaLab Prints. However I am very happy with how it looks right now and it is certainly feeling somewhat like home. Carry on reading if you'd like to see where I bought some of my favourite homeware pieces from.

First off I am going to start with my desk/studying area. This desk came with my accomodation so I didn't have to buy it, however I did decide to purchase a new desk chair as the one supplied wasn't the comfiest of chairs. On my desk I just have my Toshiba Laptop that I've had for a few years now alongside a couple of photoframes from the card factory and a candle from Primark. My beautiful copper desk lamp is from Homebase, however I did pick this up last year but I will try to find something similar. My pen pot is tucked behind my laptop which I believe was a candle holder from the card factory at some point and my most recent purchase is this grid patterned placemat from Sostrene Grene which I use as a mouse mat.
The next area that I am extremely pleased with is my wardrobe. Last year I struggled to fit all of my clothes in my tiny wardrobe however this year I had no trouble finding a home for everything. There is plenty of room to hang all of my favourite clothes, store my shoes and even hide my laundry basket out of sight. I picked up the laundry basket from B&M and my hangers are from Primark. There is also a black and white check basket that I bought from Tiger which keeps all of my small shoes togther in one place and a Primark over the door hanger to store my most worn coats. Beside my wardrobe I have another set of drawers which house my underwear, some more clothes, extra bedding and stationary. On top of this unit I have a selection of my fashion books as well as a frame of postcards I collected from my trip to Italy.
I loved the amount of space I had in my room so definitely wanted a large proportion of my room to be free for sitting down in front of a huge mirror so I could peacefully do my makeup. To create this little space I bought a Chevron rug from The Range and huge mirror from Ikea which is just leaned against my wall. Either side of my mirror I have storage, one in the form of a couple of baskets, again from Tiger and the other side a set of Ikea Alex drawers which is full top to bottom of beauty and makeup. On top of this unit I have my collection of makeup brushes, Sony portable speaker, perfume, another Primark candle and a Pandora box. 
One of my favourite features of this house is the sash windows. I am lucky to get tons of light flood into my room throughout the day which is great for taking blog photos. This little corned of my room features my TV, printer as well as a few more books and magazines. I'm not completely satisfied with how it looks but for now it's fine and pratical for what I need it for.
Last but not least we have my bed, and yes finally I have a double bed. Gone are the days I have to squeeze into my tiny single bed after a hard day at Uni, now I enjoy the comfort of a double. 

I hope you enjoyed having a look around my room at University. Comment below if there are any questions about anything I haven't mentioned.

Love Zoe xx 

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