Starting My Bullet Journal

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very busy daily schedule, I go to university, work, run my blog, and still want to have time with friends and family. Over the years I've used a number of planners, calendars, and to-do lists to try and get my life in some sort of order. However, none have really ticked all of the boxes and I've often ended up using separate planners for my life and blogging schedules. After hearing about Bullet Journaling I wanted to give it a try for myself as it promises to organise your life and I am now thoroughly addicted. I wanted to put this post together to explain what a bullet journal is, why I use it and talk about how it has helped me over the past two weeks. If you are interested to learn about my Bullet Journal journey then just carry on reading.

So what exactly is a Bullet Journal? If you're looking for the official definition then check out the official website however in simple terms it is essentially a planner which uses basic symbols to keep track of your to do lists. I have also followed many other bullet journal users and used this planner to express my creativity and keep 'logs' of other things I want to remember such as birthday, places I want to travel and wishlists. I was inspired by various Bujo professionals on Youtube and Instagram, and I even used Pinterest to gain a wide range of inspiration. A few of my favourites are Boho Berry, Jenna, Rachel El, Carrie Crista and Sam Granger.

I started my bullet journal as a way to incorporate all elements of my day to day life. I often struggled with standard planners as fitting everything I needed in them often became very cluttered and confusing. Creating my own monthly, weekly and daily layouts in my bullet journal allows me to plan out everything I need to do to help keep me organised. It was important to me to incorporate my blogging schedule into my bullet journal as this will hopefully encourage me to stick to my three, weekly blog posts. I plan to write a post at the end of the month with a look back on what elements on my bullet journal worked for me and a walk-through of what I plan to do for October. Bullet Journals allows your creative side to flourish as you are able to create spreads and lists throughout your journal about whatever you want. I currently have a list of places I'd love to travel to, my favourite quotes and a gratitude log. These are all unique things that a Bullet Journal can keep a log of which I have completely fallen in love with as it is a place all of your ideas and dreams can be kept. 

I've only been using my bullet journal for around two weeks however I have seen a difference in my organisation already. I always have been a very organised person however I often let one part of my life take a back seat, recently being my blog, however my bujo has allowed me to divide my time evenly between everything I want to get done in the day. I have even used my journal to plan out my weekly meals which has been very useful in my current busy work schedule. I also love that you can quickly jot things down that you need to do in the upcoming weeks so you don't have to try and remember them yourself. This has definitely upped my productivity as I always have something written down to fill in the following week so no excuses for 'forgetting' you had to do you washing or clean your makeup brushes anymore. 

Overall, I have loved using my Bullet Journal and I can 100% see it becoming an essential part of my day to day life when year two at uni finally swings around. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about the start of my Bullet Journal journey. Make sure you follow my blog to read more posts about my journal coming in the future. 

Love Zoe 

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