Three Beauty Products I Regret Buying

After having a clear out of my makeup drawers I discovered a few products that I don't really use and kind of regret buying. They either weren't what I expected or were one of those products I just fell for the hype and have been rolling around in my drawer ever since. I wanted to share with you why I didn't quite get on with these products and maybe prevent you from wasting your money on too.
The first product I want to share with you is one that I was hoping to see great things from but I was definitely underwhelmed. I was hoping The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in the shade 03 was going to be my new cult bronzing product but it really wasn't that great. The colour pay off was below average and left an orangy tinge on the skin. I found myself layering up this bronzer achieve the contour I was looking for which I feel is just a waste of product. I feel if you had paler skin this bronzer would work well to add a bit of warmth to the face however, wouldn't work for a contour product as the colour is just out of balance. I promise i'm not trying to slate body shop makeup, however the next disappointing product is also from the body shop. The Lightening Touch Concealer promises to help cover under eye dark circles however I didn't really feel like the product was really up to the job. The concealer itself doesn't provide enough coverage to disguise under eye circles and what coverage it does give it creases like no other throughout the day. I found when using this product I would need to reapply during the day to keep my dark circles covered. Last but not least we have a product that many beauty bloggers love and I just don't quite understand why. The Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser Eye is a product that claims to help perfect and cover under your eyes however I found the product was just too dark. Even in the lightest shade, this concealer doesn't match the rest of my skin and instead of covering, draws attention to your under eyes as they are a completely different colour to your face. I also found this concealer way too thick to apply under your eyes as it began to crease and 'ball' up, making your whole makeup look messy. I feel this concealer is better suited to covering up blemishes and redness around the face, rather than concealing dark circles. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my opinions of these products and feel free to pop any comments below if your opinions differ.

Love Zoe xx

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