Lush Favourites

Lush is my number one shop when it comes to ultimate bath time luxuries. It's perfect for any student as it doesn't break the bank but adds something that little bit extra to any bath. I recently replenished my favourite products so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you my favourite products.
A firm favourite, which I repurchase every time I walk by a Lush store is the Butterball Bath Bomb. It is the perfect addition to every bath to help moisturise your skin gently. I have sensitive skin so the Cocoa Butter and Ylang Ylang oil helps to sooth dry or irritated skin. The relaxing smell of the oil helps to treat stress, depression and anxiety making it perfect for reaching that ultimate zen.

Another favourite for dry skin is the Avobath Bath Bomb. This bath bomb has lemongrass and bergamot oils which give a much needed pick me up. In addition to this avocado and olive oil help to keep your skin moisturised and luxurious. The added ingredient of mashed avocado helps to tackle dehydration so makes this bath bomb an excellent choice for dry skin sufferers.  

I have always been a fan of The Comforter Bubble Bar however found it slightly annoying that you could only use it in a bath. Whilst at university I only had a shower so missed using the bubble bar so I was super happy when Lush released The Comforter in Shower Gel form. I particularly love this product for its smell as it last f-o-r-ever on the skin as well as keeping my skin moisturised for longer too. The super sweet scent is perfect for an uplifting shower on those mornings you really don't want to leave the house. The addition of the almond oil helps to keep your skin nourished and super soft.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about of my favourite Lush products. Let me know in the comments below what your go-to products are from Lush. 

Love Zoe xx


  1. I always buy the Butterball bath bomb, literally every time I'm there! I've only ever bought The Comforter once a few months ago and I keep forgetting to get another bottle. It was lovely and considering I love the bubble bar as well it makes sense to get it!

    Kirsty - HelloZelda

    1. I couldnt agree with you more! I went to Lush again today and a picked up a few more bits and pieces! I can't help but buy something when I'm near a store!

      Thank you for the comment lovely!