Switching Off From University Feat. Jack Wills*

I'm finding it quite hard to believe that I am almost half way through my first term in second year and what a crazy term it has been. Things have certainly picked up the pace from first year and with the added stress of applying for industrial placements uni life has become rather stressful. I understand I'm probably not the only one out their going through this so I've decided to team up with Jack Wills* to share my favourite ways to chill out and have some much needed me time. So if you're struggling for ways to relax whilst under the pressure of university deadlines then carry on reading to learn about my top tips.

Disconnect yourself
I don't know about you but I currently find myself glued to technology pretty much 24/7 so it is extremely important to take a break and disconnect. I find the easiest way to relax when things are perhaps getting that little bit intense is just switching off from technology, whether that is for a couple of hours or days. I find when I am constantly scrolling through my social media accounts I distract myself from whatever I'm doing so switching off any devices will allow you to switch off and relax.

Pop on something comfy
Nothing beats putting on comfy clothes to relax after a busy day at University. I love to throw on an oversized jumper, a pair of joggers and your favourite fluffy socks to reach that ultimate stage of relaxation. Jack Wills were kind enough to send me a pair their Lingham Skinny Sweatpants which are certainly the perfect partner to any moment you need to relax. I have never owned a pair of Jack Wills womens joggers before so I was unsure how the joggers would fit however I was not disappointed. I have the joggers in a UK size 10 and they fit me perfectly, especially around the waist where the drawstring waistband helps to fit precisely to my waist. The Jack Wills branding on the leg is a simple, yet stylish addition to the joggers that make them that little bit extra special compared to other womens joggers. 
The fabric itself is very soft so feels lovely against the skin which is perfect if you've been wearing uncomfortable jeans throughout the day. These particular style of joggers are availiable in four different colours, Black, Navy, Grey Marl and a slightly darker grey tone called Charcoal Marl. When I wear these joggers I feel completely relaxed so I am definitely going to add another pair to my Christmas wishlist to take into next year. I would definitely say that these joggers are fantastic value for money at just £39.50 and would make the perfect gift for someone this christmas, and if you are a student like me you can use Uni Days to receive 10% off your order. So next time you are in your nearest Jack Wills store, or maybe browsing their website, make sure you check out their endless range of womens joggers.

Do something you love
Make sure you set aside time to do something you love, whether that is play sport or read a book, take the time to have a break from studying and let your passions thrive elsewhere. I'm currently reading Girl on a Train and I am absolutely loving it and quickly becoming addicted to reading again. I also try to fit in two hours a week of playing sport and I find it helps me to completely switch off from studying and makes me feel a lot better. I find after taking this time to chill out I then feel a lot more productive to get things done that perhaps I didn't want to do before.

Pamper yourself
One of my favourite things to do is to take this time out to apply a face mask to help rejuvinate my skin. A simple pamper will make you feel like a million dollars and will definitely help with the relaxation process. My favourite face masks to use are Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Masque as they are easy to use and don't need washing off like other mud masks. However I would have to say that any of their masks are perfect for a pamper routine for someone on a budget. 

Love Zoe x

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