About Me

zoethedreamer.com is a honest blog that covers all aspects of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, written by me, Zoe, a twenty year old, Fashion Management student, makeup addict and a girl who has never stopped trying to pursue her dreams.

Writing about all things I love, zoethedreamer.com is my space to escape to and babble away about pretty much everything. Whether it is tips on how to improve you blog, or a recent beauty product I splurged on, I always have something to talk about and share with my lovely readers. My life right now is certainly a lot different to when I first started my blog in 2012. I'm currently studying for my degree in Nottingham and thoroughly enjoying experiencing a new city compared to my little hometown, Norwich. I now consistently blog, with a new post every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, compared to my very inconsistent schedule before. But really, for me, zoethedreamer.com is my online diary where I can keep track of my life and share my passions with other inspirational people on the internet. 

I have no clue where my little space on the internet will go next but I hope you would love to share this journey with me.

zoethedreamer.com is PR friendly, so if you would like to collaborate please feel free to contact me at zoechanellenorman@gmail.com. Or perhaps if you just want to have a nosy around my social media then don't be afraid to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Love Zoe xx

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